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..Divination and Spellcasting with Playing Cards

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NO.... Version 3.1 

Final Version 3.1  (Minor update to the Final Ver 3.0 March 05)




CardMage version 3.1 (Windows 95 -98 -XP- NT2000 - NT4)

Version 3.0 has been almost entirely re-written & now allows for installing your own Card Decks.
This update (3.1) to the Final Version clarifies the file formats for Custom Cards.
Picture-file formats for using custom decks are: .bmp, .gif, .jpg and .emf
Please Note: Using any other format (e.g: .png, tif, pcx etc. will generate an error.)

Please email author with comments & bugs reports:

Download runtime file if required. MSVBVM60.DLL


Seven 'Divination Only' spreads with one, three, five, six, seven or nine cards. Position meanings can be edited for all Divination Only spreads except for the single card spread. (Previous versions had five spreads).

Tree of Life spread for both Divination and Spellcasting. (NEW ver.3.0)
Postion meanings for the ten spheres can be edited/customised.

Eight-fold spreads for both Divination and Spellcasting.
Choose; Eight Moon Phases or Eight Cardinal Directions or the Pagan Wheel.
If you're interested casting with the Eight Hexagrams. , email me.
Twelve-fold spreads for both Divination and Spellcasting.
Choose; A Zodiac Layout for Mundane Houses or Horoscope; the Twelve Months of a Year (Annual), or a twelve-fold Custom Spread.
An Ascendant sign can be selected for Horoscope spread.

All Spellcasting includes the option of a central motif to set a suitable 'theme'. There are 16 motifs to choose from.

Screenshots (Opens in separate window, please be patient while pics load.)
  Custom Card Meanings/ Position Meanings:
Create and Save any amount of custom meanings.
The default file with card interpretations is very basic as it is intended that users will refine & develope their own meanings, and/or use different meanings for different purposes or Castings, therefore CardMage allows you to
Create & Save as many 'meaning' files as you wish - depending on your disk space - and edit / alter card definitions as you see fit. The 'Divination Only' spreads and Tree of Life spread also allow for editing the Position meanings.
Print all Spellcasts and Divination Spreads.
Printouts of Spellcast and Divination Spreads include all graphics (Cards - Spell motifs etc.) and custom Card meanings and Position meanings. Also, printout of 'card interpretation' files that you have saved to disk so you can keep a record of them.
  Card Decks:
Use alternate Decks. The program includes two (default) Card Decks.
Create and Install your own Decks. (NEW ver.3.0). To create your own deck(s), please see downloads for using the TemplateCards.




The CardMage Program. Version 3.0.
March 2005. Katzmiff.
Install & Uninstall.


Design your own cards.
Use these templates for your card images...


If you have designed a deck, or intend designing a deck that can be used in CardMage, please download the template zip file, the cards are the correct size with the correct filenames for using in CardMage. Just paint/create your own images to them.
Your Deck must contain 59 cards with the same file extension, and can be in any of four picture formats,
...............bmp or .gif or .jpg or .emf. (i.e: 59 bmps, or .gifs etc.)
When you've completed your deck, copy all 59 cards into the
Cardmage sub directory 'MyCards'. Now run Cardmage and choose INSTALL NEW DECK from the Cardmage Menu.

These template cards,
updated March 2005, are in .gif format and now have rounded (transparent) corners. 771.4kb


The following are the default Deck & Meaning files included with CARDMAGE
In case of loss or corruption I have made them available for download.
Copy all Deck and Meaning files into the program sub-directory "CMdata". i.e:

These are the two Card Decks.
NOTE: Dietsche Deck is under the GNU Licence. Licence & Copyright is included with CardMage program files.


The default Card Meanings file.
The Template file used by the program for creating new meaning files.

Alternate Decks & Meaning files


The Tazma Deck. 89.90kb


untime To include your card deck or meaning file here, please e-m-a-i-l me.

can be downloaded from HERE (Opens in separate window).
Copy it into the Windows\System directory.

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